Fluoride Free Toothpaste for Toddlers

Right from the time you were just a child, you have been told that you need to brush at least two times a day, or every after a meal. These are really simple instructions that many of us have learnt to follow. Brushing is one of the ways through which we can protect our oral health. Experts have showed that the act of brushing alone is enough to remove most food particles and bacteria from teeth. However, for you to be able to brush your teeth more effectively, you need the best toothpaste. Your choice of toothpaste will determine whether or not your oral health is maintained. Most toothpaste labels state that all the advantages you get from the said toothpaste. However, most of these labels also indicate that the toothpaste should not be used by children under the age of six. This should be your first warning signal especially if you are buying the toothpaste for your child. Even if you are buying the toothpaste for yourself, you should take a pose; after all you also need to get the best toothpaste for you.

The reason why most toothpaste is not recommended for a certain age of children is, because of the fluoride in it. Children can only use this form of toothpaste if it under the advice of a dentist, and most dentists are not really comfortable with giving this advice or recommendation. Why would you expose your child to toothpaste that even the manufacturer has advised you against? Fluoride free toothpaste might be your favorite brand but when it comes to the health of your child, you should really not take any chances. For you to understand why fluoride is not recommended for children, you might need to understand what it is.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is found in most of the water we drink and the toothpaste we use. Scientists claim that this mineral helps to strengthen the teeth and bones. Notable is that fluoride is a chemical ion of fluorine, which also happens to be an industrial poison. To justify their decision to place fluoride in toothpaste, most manufacturers claim that it is placed only in small quantities that are not dangerous. However, in my opinion, if there is even the slightest chance that a certain type of toothpaste could harm your child, it is best that you stay away from it. Remember that while you might know enough to spit after brushing, most children have an impulse to swallow. Would you want your child to swallow a chemical that will affect their health?

After reading this, you might ask which the best toothpaste is for your child, if any. The answer is really simple, fluoride free toothpaste. It is safe for both toddler and adults, which makes it ideal for the whole family. Fluoride free toothpaste contains natural ingredients that not only help to fight cavities, but also protects teeth from decay and cavities. It is the responsibility of every adult to protect children, so when you see a child brushing with fluoride toothpaste, you should intervene.

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